PWA Progressive Web App (Compatibility)

I have been asked a lot about PWA, and what am I doing about/with it.

I write Native Mobile Apps and I think it is far to say there is a lot of hype at the moment. Also, I cannot see every business wanting a PWA, or our devices will be swamped with apps for one specific purchase for instance.

So I went about my day and thought, what is the compatibility for PWA in terms of browser support out of curiosity?

As of 28th August 2018, I found the following:

Latest Browsers:
Chrome: 68
Chrome Android: 68
Mac Safari: 11.1.2
iOS Safari: 11.4
Edge: 42.17134.167.0
Edge Phone: 40.15254.369.0
Firefox: 61.0.2
Internet Explorer: 11
Opera: 55.0.2994.44

And a PWA needs support at:
PWA Service Worker, Minimun Browsers
Chrome: 49
Chrome Android: 67
Mac Safari: 11.1
iOS Safari: 11.3
Edge: 17
Edge Phone: not 100%, but found this hack
Firefox: 61
Internet Explorer: 11
Opera: 53

It does seem a bit vague in all honesty, but we could be onto something that changes the landscape for a fair portion of native apps. Also, this will circumvent the need for Store Submission.

With the percentage of users using a browser capable of utilising the service worker below 10%, the jury is still out for me when it comes to recommending PWA as a solution to my clients.

I also found this list of features for HTML5 Web against Native

Further; service worker ready?

Hope that helps!